Victoria moves towards driverless future, Jan 30, 2017

The Victorian Government is preparing the way for automated vehicles on state roads.

This year semi-automated vehicles now on the market will be tested on the Monash, CityLink and Tullamarine freeways to see how they interact with infrastructure such as overhead lane signals, electronic speed signs and line markings.

A human driver will be on hand to take control if needed.

The Government is also supporting an 18-month trial of semi-autonomous cars on the EastLink route.

Along with the Australian Road Research Board, La Trobe University and road operator ConnectEast, it will test safety features such as “lane keep assist”, auto-braking and adaptive cruise control.

ConnectEast will then work with car-makers and VicRoads to ensure vehicle technology and road infrastructure allows for safe introduction of automated driving.

VicRoads is seeking feedback on its Future Directions Paper, which outlines the regulatory changes needed to approve testing of highly automated vehicles on Victorian roads.

The paper focuses on safety during testing, what constitutes a driver “being in control” and how automated vehicles will interact with the transport system.

Feedback closes on Friday. Find out more here.