Tailored solutions

In an evolving rental vehicle industry, Rentsure offers rental vehicle insurance across a number of existing and emerging markets.

Our aim is to deliver unique policies tailored to suit your specific risk profile. In fact, we support entire fleets from sedans, SUVs, 4WDs, light commercials, trucks and motorcycles across the following platforms*:

  • Self-drive (traditional)
  • Accident replacement (insurance replacement)
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Rideshare
  • Subscription
  • Car share

* Minimum base premium of $10,000+ (charges apply) with 5-10 vehicles recommended for any new business.

Not only are we able to suggest the most suitable policy, we also provide expert advice on how to structure endorsements and risk-reduction strategies to improve outcomes for your business.

As you know, the cost of a damaged vehicle isn’t just the price of repairs – it’s lost revenue every day your vehicle is off the road, plus the time it takes to manage the vehicle damage, accident, repair and recovery processes.

Therefore, in partnership with Recoversure, we also provide a complete end-to-end claims management portal, developed to take the stress out of managing rental vehicle damage and insurance claims.

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