Management Liability

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Protect your management team

You’ve probably insured your company against property damage and bodily injury. But have you remembered to insure it against the potential economic loss if your management team were accused of any alleged or actual wrong-doing?

A company, and its directors and officers, can face both personal and corporate liabilities from shareholders, employees, competitors, creditors, regulators, customers and administrators. Even if a claim is completely baseless or without merit, it still takes time and money to defend.

What management liability provides

Management liability insurance protects your company, directors and officers against the risk of managing a business, covering their personal liability if they are accused of illegal behaviour.

Broadly, management liability insurance includes:

Directors and officers.

Entity liability.

Employment practice liability.

Superannuation trustee liability.


Statutory liability.

Other extensions, including defence costs, investigation costs, retirement cover, public relations cover and pollution defence costs.