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Do you have the right level of cover?

Your vehicles and other related assets are the backbone of your business. So it’s vital to make sure you are thoroughly covered for all eventualities. But taking out multiple policies can be expensive and confusing, with the risk that you’ll waste money on unnecessary cover or leave your business exposed.

That’s why an Industrial Special Risks (ISR) policy or Business Pack policy can be the ideal solution.

What are ISR and Business Pack policies?

Originally designed for larger industrial and commercial business, an ISR policy now covers broader range of businesses. It streamlines your business’ insurance covers by combining several covers in the one policy.

This means you don’t need to take out separate fire and perils policies plus additional policies such as glass and money, because they are included in the one policy.

An ISR policy has two sections:

Material Damage.

Business Interruption.

Similarly, Business Pack insurance provides wide-ranging business insurance protection under the one policy.

Which solution is right for you?

Rentsure understands that no two businesses are the same. What’s more, there are no set industry rules about whether a risk should be insured under a Business Pack or an ISR policy. Instead, each Insurer sets their own threshold of assets and turnover. So any risks above this set threshold are insured under an ISR rather than a Business Pack policy.

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