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Like any industry, the rental vehicle business has unique needs and its own potential risks. However, your existing insurance may not meet them all. For example, your current Business, ISR and Liability wording probably excludes registered vehicles, and may only cover liability at your business location.

That’s why Rentsure issues a liability policy, specifically designed for rental vehicle companies.

Cover that works for your industry

Our general liability policy gives you peace of mind, with cover for potential risks that your rental vehicles may encounter. This cover extends beyond your office and rental site locations to anywhere in Australia.

Other features of our general liability policy include:

Personal injury and property damage caused by any vehicle if you inadvertently fail to register it.

Loading or unloading any vehicle.

Delivering or collecting goods to or from any vehicle.

Any vehicle (and any tool, machinery or plant forming part of or used with this vehicle) while you or someone for you is operating or using it as a tool of trade at your premises or on any worksite.

Negligence caused by the owner of the vehicle, such as failing to maintain a vehicle involved in an incident, causing bodily injury or property damage.